Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CATS will be conducting evening webinars by each of our instructors at the normal class time and date. After you register we will send you a link that you will be able to use to attend the webinar, within a few days of your registration the class text book will be UPS’d to you. The entire program will be provided to you via a live webinar that will be streamed at 6:00 PM on two nights each week.

This includes all continuing education offerings by CATS home inspection school.

Deciding to become a home inspector, after a career in industry and yet another in academia was not a difficult choice. I was more concerned with where I could get an education that would set me on my next career path as a home inspector. After a little “homework” the choice was simple– CATS of Albany. CATS of Albany afforded me the flexibility to attend formal schooling during evenings and weekends and thoroughly prepared me for all aspects of being a home inspector. Now that I am a licensed inspector, CATS of Albany continues to provide support and is a valuable resource to me in my business.

Mark S. Fusco

Hi, My name is Dominick Luciano, a graduate of CATS of Albany in 2009. I had recently retired from my career at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory and decided to attend home inspectors school. My career was not in any of the Trades, however I was somewhat proficient in finished carpentry, plumbing and framing. CATS prepared me well for what was ahead (I had no idea) both technically and also in dealing with clients. You need to be technically competent to be a home inspector however, client relations are just as important to build your business. I have been in business for four years now and even in these uncertain economic times; my business has grown double digits each year. This is due, in no small part to Mr. Dan Osborn and the training I received at the CATS school for home inspectors. It is reassuring to know that if you encounter a problem while performing a home inspection in the field that Dan’s advice and availability are just a phone call away. I would not hesitate to recommend CATS of Albany to anyone interested in becoming a home inspector.

Dominick Luciano
Luciano Home Inspection Services

The CATS Home Inspection school run by Dan Osborn is well run with a complete well presented curriculum. The topics are well presented with opportunity to ask questions,get answers, and exchange opinions within the class. Dan does a great job of making people feel comfortable while insuring that no one leaves the class with a question unanswered. I have talked to other inspectors who have gone through different schools, and it is clear that I chose a better school when I chose CATS.

Dave Patton
Lic # 16000053450
Adirondack Mountain Home Inspections

I just wanted to thank you for the great Home Inspection School, Cats OF Albany. I attended and completed the course in September 2012.I enjoyed the classes and the field work and found it helped me greatly to start and run my own inspection company.The fact that you offer personal support long after the schooling was over is priceless to me and is helping me to succeed.

Daniel Jesco
Jesco Home Inspection

When I decided to begin a career in home inspecting I felt the school and instructor I chose would be one of the most important decisions I made and would be critical to the success of my business. I researched several companies and decided on CATS home inspection school. Looking back it was definitely the correct decision. The flexibility in class scheduling allowed me to keep my current job while studying for the state exam and gain critical home inspection experience. The live, real world home inspections that Dan has each weekend allowed me to gain experience and have the confidence to hit the ground running once I passed the state exam. I’ve been in business 3 years and I still use some of Dan’s marketing techniques to this day to continue to grow my business. The lessons and advice on report writing were invaluable. You can be technically experienced in all phases of construction but if you cannot convey your thoughts and findings into a clear inspection report your just spinning your wheels (the REPORT is everything). I feel I owe a lot of my success to CATS home inspection school and would (have) recommend CATS home inspection school to anyone considering a career in home inspecting.

Scott M. McLaughlin
Cornerstone Companies

After thirty years in construction, home inspections seemed the ideal way to expand my business. In a few short months, I completed Dan Osborn’s CATS home inspection course. I was very impressed with the course; it provided me with the tools needed to become a professional home inspector, including a thorough framework for reporting. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to start a home inspection business.

Phil Gibbs
Gibbs Home Inspections

I am writing you to let you know how thankful I am, that I chose CATS of Albany Home Inspection School for my education in the home inspection business. I was researching many options for schooling in our area and beyond. Upon sitting in on one of your classes and the convenient scheduling your school offered, I knew that this was the right choice for me! After graduating I started out my business as part time, then after a year of hard work & building referrals, it turned into a full time career. I have been in the home inspection business for the past 4 years now, and it has been growing stronger everyday. I have recommended your school to several people over the years as being the most hands on school in our area. You have taught me the knowledge and shown me the tools needed to make it in this industry.

Michael J. Heath
New Vizion Home Inspections

As most of the people who decide to become a home inspector, I already had a career and while I was looking for the fastest way to achieve this goal, I wanted to do it right. While a crash course of 140 hours within 10 days and 10 mock home inspections at a local college was appealing because it was fast, a four months program, with night classes twice a week including week end mock home inspections appeared much more conducive to acquire the bases for a new career. This is why I initially chose Dan Osborn’s school and teaching program, knowing that I knew nothing about home inspection.

When you will enter his classroom for the first time, you will most certainly feel like you found the right place to start. For me it felt like being dropped on a boat in the middle of the ocean suddenly getting the opportunity to become a sailor and surrounded by others who also wanted to become sailors. It was obvious that we were all very eager to learn about home inspection and the openness of Dan’s became quickly conducive for questions, discussions, and acquisition of knowledge.

I know that I bugged Dan many times with my questions, but as time passed, they became more focused, more challenging, and more useful to our group and me. Dan always stayed focused, and behind his many years of home inspection experience, his exemplary sense of professionalism, and his thorough approach, he allowed me to slowly became confident that not only I had made the right decision to become a home inspector, but that I had found the right place to reach this goal. Through his program, which he developed based on his experience, Dan will cover all aspects on how to become a successful home inspector, by teaching how to look at a house, how to describe what you are seeing, how to convey your findings to a client, but also how to be prepared, how to present yourself, how to create your own business, how to protect it and protect yourself.

One’s fear, when learning in a class about a new career is to either have an instructor who does not know his material or an instructor who is threatened by you as a future competition and who will intentionally leave things out. Well, neither of these two descriptions fit Dan, because he has built his own schools, he has been successful in the home inspection business, and he demonstrated me that he endeavors to provide his students whatever they need, so they will walk out of his school prepared. What better example than Dave, who was one of Dan’s early student, and who will walk around houses with you during mock home inspections and who will teach you Dan’s material once a week.

Dave is a perfect example on how to become a successful home inspector when you get prepared by Dan. Having Dave as another instructor will not only enrich you but it will also allow you to understand that you can develop your own system and be successful, as long as you understand the professional ethic taught by Dan.

In summary, Dan’s experience, his inter-personal skills, his sense of humor but most importantly his professionalism will provide the best bases for getting started in this business. In my opinion his teaching program will fit anybody who is motivated to learn about home inspection business, without any discrimination. Dan, I personally wish to thank you for thoroughly preparing me, challenging me, and being such a patient and a great listening teacher.

Olivier Loudig

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