home inspection school buffalo nyChanges to New York State licensure requirement for home inspectors prompted us to form Certified Adult Training School (C.A.T.S.). The original plan for the program design was based on existing home inspection schools. That format was daytime classes over a three or four week session, culminating with all the practice inspections.

The material was condensed into this brief session and no practice was given until the coursework was completed. Our students were not satisfied with the training received in this school model. The information was too dense to be fully comprehended in such a short period of time.

The time the classes were held did not serve our population of students who were predominantly adults working at least one full time job. The field experience given at the end of the course seemed removed from the classroom information and did not allow for question or critique for what students encountered or reported upon.

home inspection training buffalo nyIn fact, the only thing our graduates were prepared for was to pass the NY State Exam.  So the student would receive his/her license but not know how to do the job.

We set about changing that by putting the program on an evening schedule, by stretching it out over a 4 month period, and by performing the practice inspection over the full course. Our results have been spectacular.